A Conversation with Peter O'Leary

On Gnosticism, visionary poetry, cats, dragons, gnosticism, green children, green men, the Kalevala, Finnish culture....


I recently recorded a conversation with the effervescent poet Peter O’Leary. I chiefly wanted to talk to him about his fascination with Gnostic imagery, but of course these exchanges take on a life of their own. We did in fact spend a good deal of time discussing Gnosticism, ancient and modern, but a number of other topics came up as well, many of which are listed above, and many of which (Herbert Read, Yeats, the correct pronunciation of Greek, whether Greek and Latin stems should ever be combined in English words, Ronald Johnson, and so forth) are listed in parentheses just there ←. A good time was had by all: the two of us, the cat, the dragon…. Roland, unfortunately, was unable to attend, as he was delivering a paper at a conference in Kyoto.