An Announcement: A ClassicalU "Mini-Course"

...featuring Yours Truly


I recently sat for a long interview with a film crew from an educational consortium (my word, since I do not know exactly how they describe themselves) called ClassicalU, a division of Classical Academic Press. The recording has now been made into a “mini-course” at their website. They run many such courses, as it happens, and sell variable subscriptions to them. In my case, the course of studies consists in eleven discrete lessons, described as concerning “questions on the liberal arts, the transcendentals, theology, early Christian thought on human gender, as well as the future of Christianity and civilization (among other topics)”—including enchantment, Homer, classical astronomy, the transcendentals, the Pauline understanding of flesh and spirit… (it was a wide-ranging conversation).

In any event, I have included here the promotional video they sent to me. The soundtrack is pleasantly frenetic, if you ask me.

More footage from the conversation has also been posted by Jesse Hake (my interviewer) at his website.

And I here attach the audio recording of one of the lessons, this one concerning the future of Christian culture.