An Interview with Ross Allen of The Christian Century

On nature and supernature, grace, traditionalist Thomism, resurrection bodies, socialism, mystic dogs, talking dogs...dogs...

I was interviewed many, many months back by Ross Allen for The Christian Century (which I know is quite evident from the title above, but I have to say something here), and the conversation ranged widely. A condensed version of the interview appeared recently in print in the magazine, and naturally that condensation has the effect of altering my voice (as it were); so here is the recording of the complete version.

We discussed Paul’s metaphysics, the invention of the opposition between “grace” and “nature,” the late invention of the category of “the supernatural,” the logic of deification, New Testament eschatology, the eschatological terminus of doctrinal definition, metaphysical monism, the encounters with the risen Christ in the New Testament, the social teachings and provocations of Jesus of Nazareth, Christian socialism, “National Conservatism” and Christianity, Roland’s vocabulary, whether traditional manualist Thomism is a psychopathy (yes), Roland’s mystical bent, postal deliveries, patristic allegory, allegorical readings of scripture in light of historical-critical method, my New Testament translation’s second edition, exogenous gentile olive trees, Roland’s ability to pronounce the consonant “y,” and ever so much more.

David Bentley Hart